The availability of millions and millions of data does not automatically correspond to the ability in getting information. It is said that too much information is equivalent to no information; If you do not have tools and capabilities to analyze available data, if you do not manage rules, methods and software for "Data Analysis" or "Analytics", it is pointless to keep collecting data. The study of algorithms for processing billions of data and the use of advanced technologies devoted to this purpose, bond several companies in ComoNExT. Nowadays, even machines that can generate data autonomously and transmit them where they can best be utilized, are able when appropriately programmed, to learn and modify their behavior on the basis of received information processed and analyzed with no need for human intervention. This practice goes under the name of Machine Learning. It intersects with Artificial Intelligence practices and it is used for example in the field of predictive maintenance of machinery or plants or in the design of "chatbots", one of the frontiers of the human /machine interface.

Artificial Intelligence
Machine learning
Data analysis
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