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App creation; data management services; ecommerce solutions development; engineering, design and technical support services; graphics; information and communication services; Intelligenza artificiale; IoT; professional, scientific and technical activities; services; software production and computer consultancy; telecommunications

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All sectors

DkR S.r.l. deals with information technology at 360°. It was founded with the aim of realising specific and technologically advanced IT solutions suited to every business reality and intended to make the business activities of partners and customers easier.

The company specialises in the areas of virtual and augmented reality, Metaverse, websites, SEO and web marketing, mobile app development and back/front-end software. This is complemented by the systems area for the creation and management of server infrastructures as well as IT support on corporate networks, with a focus on security policies and cyber security measures.

The software house is driven by two elements: technical specialisation and a passion for following the latest market trends. At the heart of DkR are the individuals, and it is the merging of their skills that makes the team unique and reliable.

The history of DkR in ComoNExt began in 2012 with the winning of the “Business Incubator” tender thanks to the first totally web-based desktop virtualisation system “DkR.CLOUD“, which was later joined by the premium class webmail service “DkR.EMAIL“.