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App creation; data management services; ecommerce solutions development; engineering, design and technical support services; graphics; information and communication services; Intelligenza artificiale; IoT; professional, scientific and technical activities; services; software production and computer consultancy; telecommunications

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All sectors

DkR S.r.l. provides a wide range of innovative products and services in the area of information technology especially in the field of cloud and virtualization software. Our aim is to create specific and technologically advanced IT solutions suitable for every business reality and make the commercial activities of customers and partners alike easier.

  • Our core business is DkR.CLOUD, the first virtual desktop system. DkR.CLOUD offers the possibility to access data and virtualized applications anytime, anywhere and from any device connected to the network. DkR.CLOUD is a great business opportunity, its mission is to help companies of all sizes to optimize, improve and simplify the use, the acquisition and the management of their own IT infrastructure.

With years of experience in the IT field, we have developed qualified, customized and constantly updated services.

Visit, and or contact us at +39 02 36714032!


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