We deal with:

App creation; automatic system production; business consultancy; data management services; ecommerce solutions development; electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency; engineering, design and technical support services; environment; industrial carpentry; information and communication services; innovative materials; internazionalizzazione; Investigazioni; IoT; lighting; machine to machine; machinery; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; professional, scientific and technical activities; prototyping; Realtà aumentata; renewable energy; research; robotics; safety; services; Social and technological innovation for companies and the third sector; software production and computer consultancy; telecommunications; virtual reality

We turn to:

All sectors

Our innovation consultants are able to address the needs of customers by suggesting solutions: in the field of design, construction and service of technological systems.
If required, the Research and Development department is able to evaluate possible projects for the realisation of customised solutions not available on the market. VET adheres to Green Economy policies alongside leading ESCo promoting energy efficiency projects.