We deal with:

Business consultancy; Consulenza strategica; internazionalizzazione; Social and technological innovation for companies and the third sector

We turn to:

Agriculture and/or breeding; broadcasting; car dealerships; centri di riabilitazione; chemistry; cliniche; cosmetics; electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency; engineering; environment; federazioni; finance and insurance; food and/or beverage; free practitioners; graphics; industria; innovative materials; machinery; manufacturing; metallurgy; meteorology; motor vehicles, their parts and trailers; nautical sector; Oil&Gas; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; ospedali; pharmaceutical industry; press; private individuals; process industry; professional, scientific and technical activities; public health; publishing; real estate and construction services; research; safety; services; società sportive; sport; technological, informatic and digital sector; telecommunications; textiles, clothing, technical textiles; third sector; tobacco e vaping; tourism, accommodation and catering service; transport, warehousing, shipments; wholesale and retail

Tacoma is a strategic consultancy agency, focused on SME’s. Just like big consultancy firms support corporates in identifying their growth path, we support our customers in planning their future development.Our methodology allows to identify the best one among many development ideas. We reach this goal through a process that validates the identified strategy-ies.