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Aerospace; data management services; telecommunications

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Leaf Space’s mission is to simplify access to Space for nano, micro and small satellites operators through innovative services, dedicated to this new category of space device.


The current Leaf Space project is a telecommunications service, named Leaf Line.

Leaf Line has been designed to meet market needs, delivering an extremely simplified and affordable customer interface at very affordable prices.

The heart of the service consists of a network of satellite antennas deployed all over the world and a software infrastructure that allows to remotely manage the network.

The satellite operator can therefore download a considerable amount of data from its satellite or constellation in a safe, easy and quick way, using dedicated IT tools.

In this way, Leaf Space effectively responds to the microsatellites market needs, which sees more and more medium-sized industrial realities approaching Space for commercial purposes, in this moment of strong transition.

With Leaf Space, getting satellite data is getting easier and finally the information coming from the Space will be accessible to everyone.


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