We deal with:

Data management services; Intelligenza artificiale; software production and computer consultancy

We turn to:

Agriculture and/or breeding; chemistry; cliniche; electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency; food and/or beverage; industria; machinery; manufacturing; metallurgy; motor vehicles, their parts and trailers; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; ospedali; pharmaceutical industry; process industry; public health

At Oròbix, we implement and manage the lifecycle of artificial intelligence solutions, spanning a wide range of industries from healthcare to manufacturing.As an AI service company, we can accompany our clients throughout the entire AI lifecycle, from problem set-up to deployment and monitoring in production, managing risks through tools for traceability and interpretability on all decision-making levels.We use data to decipher reality, turn its complexity into new operational knowledge and ready-to-use AI solutions.