We deal with:

Business consultancy; data management services; energy and energy efficiency; environment; information and communication services; Oil&Gas; renewable energy; software production and computer consultancy

We turn to:

Energy and energy efficiency; environment; industria; Oil&Gas; process industry; technological, informatic and digital sector; transport, warehousing, shipments; wholesale and retail

Openlogs is a Digital Energy Company that combines the deepest knowledge of the energy markets with the best available IT solutions.

Since 2010 it carries out a range of operations on behalf of customers, dealing with the transport, storage and balancing of natural gas and the dispatching of electricity. It heads a group of activities that include proprietary energy trading (through the Swiss company Openlogs SA), wholesale supplies to resellers and industrial consumers (Enerpartner S.r.l.), investments in sustainable mobility (Ekomobil S.r.l.).

Through its “Digital Energy” vision, it provides a platform for the automation of all energy management processes and make the big data involved available and shared.