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Tacoma S.r.l.

Tacoma is a strategic consultancy agency, focused on SME’s. Just like big consultancy firms support corporates in identifying their growth path, we support our customers in planning their future development.Our methodology allows to identify the best one among many development ideas. We reach this goal through a process that validates the identified strategy-ies.



We are a Data Intelligence company . We develop strategies for Data Management. We help companies understand the context they move into, anticipate trends, improve performance and make decisions quickly.INTWIG’s method is customized, rigorous and covers the entire Data Lifecycle: collection, analysis, interpretation and visualization.Our method brings to 9 strategic solution:Data hubCompetitive intelligenceBrand reputationCustomer analysisTopic [...]



Since 2014 we are an accredited Agency for the Job, operating throughout the National Territory with headquarters in Campania and branches in Puglia, Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, Lazio, Marche and Lombardy. We offer Job Search and Recruitment and Selection Services, support to Active Employment Policies and Organizational Consulting aimed at the job palcement and continuing education [...]


devAIs s.r.l.

devAIs designs, implements and manages IoT infrastructures “from Sensors to AI”, or innovates existing ones, with a strong focus on the client’s business model and to operational costs. Resulting components can be transferred (IP and now-how) to the client’s organization or managed by devAIs on a pay-per-use basis. An Italian SME, devAIs is a nimble [...]


Agicrowd Srl

AGICROWD Real Estate lending crowdfunding platform helps indebted entrepreneurs & SMEs, who risk losing their real estate assets and their business, to raise funds to repay their debts, get their business back on track and maintain their assets, the value of which will be increased thanks to the innovative Protocol of regenerative interventions that AGICROWD [...]



TESISQUARE® is a technology partner enabling design and implementation of collaborative digital ecosystems. It streamlines the interactions across multiple touchpoints and players in the extended value chain –manufactures, suppliers, consumers, and all stakeholders. Founded in 1995 in Bra (Italy), the company operates both nationally and internationally. As a result of global growth, TESISQUARE®’s customer base [...]


FasTecs Srl

FasTecs is an engineering company, registered in the register of innovative Start-Up, which deals with the research, development and marketing of innovative systems and products for the construction industry, as well as design and consulting in the field of sustainable construction and the energy efficiency of buildings. The company was founded by two young people, [...]


Pini Swiss Engineers S.r.l.

Pini Swiss Engineers is a leading Swiss engineering group, offering high value and competent engineering services based on broad regional and international experience. A common corporate culture based on respect, professionalism, loyalty and transparency towards clients and colleagues, with confidence regarding prospective projects, with an optimistic view of the future.


Bassi sas di Gianfrancesco, Marco Bassi & C.

Bassi s.a.s. is an Eni S.p.a. agent in the district of Como, Varese, Lecco, Bergamo and Sondrio. Here it deals with all the reference markets, in particular fuels and lubricants, ranging his work from the distributors’ network to fuel credit cards and vouchers, both in transport and manufacturing. Eni is a Company integrated in the field of [...]


STT s.a.s. di Fabrizio Garone & C.

Stt is a company specialised in non-stick, anti-friction and anti-corrosion teflon coatings. All of our surface coatings are based on PTE, FEP and PFA. The superior quality produced by STT's activity manifests itself in numerous aspects:   Ability to define the better solution (most suitable treatment) for every requirement, according to the specific working conditions. [...]

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