Innovation RampUp: the launching ramp for business innovation

19 June 2017

Innovation RampUp is the training and consulting path set up by ComoNExT to enable businesses (even small) to be competitive in increasingly valued at innovation markets.

Como Chamber of Commerce , Unindustria and Confartigianato Como are the first institutions sharing the initiative with a contribution of 180 thousand Euros to support the participation of companies in the path that will see the involvement of other category associations as well.

The Innovation RampUp course is the operational tool defined within NExT Innovation®, the original innovation transfer model set up at Lomazzo Scientific Technology Park, which provides companies tailor-made consultancy teams built on the needs specifying the necessary skills among the 600 knowledge workers of over 100 companies and start-ups in the park.

Innovation RampUp is an accompanying journey divided into three training and consulting moments:

1) The World has changed – the first module takes place in 4 half-days for 8 participants and, through visits to innovative businesses, business games and frontal lessons, aims to lead participants to an awareness: the world Is not changing, it has already changed. The path focuses on technology as an enabling tool for cross-cutting across all market segments.

2) My world has changed – the second module, more focused on the specific company and articulated in about 6 half days; In this case the company welcome the consulting team by opening their doors. This second module aims to develop a Macro Business Review macro-analysis document with technical suggestions and addressing lines to be left out of “endowment” and from which to begin the process of launching an innovation path.

3) Now I change – the third module is the translation of the macro assessment document into a real development project, then in its realization, that the company is free to adopt or not with the “ComoNExT System” or any Other vendor.

You will be able to apply for the trip from 1 JULY 2017.

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