Third lot restructuring: ComoNExT growth

17 July 2017

Last June, the resettlement of a new body factory in the historic industrial complex of the Innovation Hub began: with the extension, which will end in 2018, the overall surface area of ​​ComoNExT will go from the current 18,000 to 21,000 square meters and will be able to provide over 40 new spaces between offices and public areas to host new businesses, confirming it as one of the largest and most attractive innovative center in Lombardy.

The expansion will allow the Science Park to respond to the growing demand for space and services coming from already settled companies but also from many external companies convinced that ComoNExT is becoming an increasingly attractive pole. It will also represent an important opportunity to develop the NExT Innovation® model faster and  attract inside the park additional skills, business and professional skills, thanks to an increasingly connected, intelligent and efficient environment.

The internal completion of the renovation works, signed by the ADM Architettura studio of Ado Franchini, covers the ground floor and the first floor of building A1, where work spaces will be created consisting of laboratories and offices (take a look to ) that recall style of the first two lots (main body and incubator) already made since 2010.

The spaces will be predisposed with the latest technology in terms of domestics, energy efficiency, and smartness of shared workplaces.

The renovation of the ground floor of the building will give rise to an autonomous space of about 900 square meters; The remaining surface will be organized in smaller independent spaces, according to the structure of the first lot of ComoNExT. In the central area of ​​the plan, there will be meeting rooms and meeting spaces for temporary permanence.

For more information about the project and available spaces:

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