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///“Fabbrica diffusa”: the network of industry 4.0 demonstrators

“Fabbrica diffusa”: the network of industry 4.0 demonstrators

24 July 2017

ComoNExT, Cariplo Factory and Synesis together for the company of the future

Consistently with its mission of gathering the best of available innovation and transferring it to the territory, the ambitious project promoted by ComoNExT – Innovation Hub aims to realize the first factory model spread across Europe through the development of an open project that allows individuals Several to share in coordinated energy and investment efforts to create new generation industrial centers, covering all the technology areas of Industry 4.0 launched by the Government.
It will result in a real Factory 4.0, whose single areas and production islands will be distributed in different cities and yet closely linked to each other.
Fabbrica diffusa (widespread factory) Project, with a demonstration value for companies that do not yet know how to approach the theme of Innovation while experiencing the urgency, is developing in parallel with a more cultural activity aimed at raising even in smaller companies the awareness of the need to approach new business models connected to Industry 4.0

Fabbrica Diffusa Project involves:
Cariplo Factory – Milan
Area Science Park – Trieste
Friuli Innovation – Udine
Polo Mechatronics, Trentino Development – Rovereto
Padano Technological Polo – Lodi
Liuc – Castellanza (VA)
012 Factory – Caserta

The group can rely on the technical contribution of Synesis, a company established in ComoNExT, and on support from key players who provide the necessary enabling infrastructure: Cisco, Fastweb, Kuka, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP.
Legnani Legal – established inside the park – supports the development of the project from a legal point of view (business network).

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