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Servitly srl

We are a visionary software house, serving the most innovative manufacturing companies. We strongly believe that the real fourth industrial revolution consists in the transformation of the business model of manufacturing companies towards an integrated sale of products and services. Our passion is the development of robust, scalable, modular and configurable software. For us there [...]


Caracol Design Studio

Caracol Design Studio is an Additive Manufacturing 4.0 Pole : a reality that explores new productive possibilities resulting from full access to the most sophisticated 3D printing technologies and digital manufacturing. We consider these new technologies as an innovative and sustainable tool to enhance existing design possibilities by defining a new "post-industrial" way of making [...]


Up Solutions S.r.l.

Up Solutions provides industry knowledge and best practices for textile and apparel manufacturers combined with the newest and most advanced international IT solutions. This allows Up Solutions clients to gain a competitive edge through greater speed to market for new products. Today our Just MES Suite includes four integrated solutions for managing the entire manufacturing supply chain: New product [...]


Porini S.r.l.

With decades of experience (established in 1968 in Como) and hundreds of projects implemented worldwide, Porini Group provides solutions and specifc consultancy services dedicated to the fashion, textile and retail business in Italy and in the world. The broad suite of vertical products based on Microsoft Dynamics & Azure technology, includes ERP, CRM and BI [...]


Directa Plus S.p.a.

Directa Plus is one of the largest producers and suppliers of graphene-based products for use in consumer and industrial markets worldwide. Directa Plus graphene-based products are natural, chemical-free, sustainably produced and tailored to specific commercial applications such as smart textiles, tyres, composite materials and environmental solutions. Established in 2005 and listed at London AIM in [...]


Diener Eletronic GmbH S.r.l.

Diener Electronic was founded in 1993. We are a young, expanding company and are one of the leading producers of low-pressure plasma systems, plasma HF generators and atmospheric plasma all nationally and internationally. Our plasma systems are exported all over the world. Diener electronic now has about 90 employees. In 2010 approx. 340 plasma systems [...]


Challenge Engineering S.r.l.

Challenge Engineering s.r.l was founded in Como in 2011, by the initiative of a group of professionals working for several years in developing complex industrial solutions through integrating different approaches and competencies. The company was founded to provide customers with innovative applications and products, designed to meet specific needs and compete effectively on markets. Integration [...]


AEB Solutions S.r.l.

AEB Solutions deals with designing, developing software products, and customer service for our clients.  Our mission is to help customers choose the most advanced technologies to deliver innovative solutions in order to achieve the desired strategic goals. Our commitment is intended at achieving the business goals set by our customers. We have a constant commitment [...]

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