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KEY4 Srl

KEY4 is a technology partner that guides companies through the integration of industry 4.0 solutions. We adopt the main Enabling Technoligies to innovate organizational and production models to meet business needs: Machine and process simulation Integration of business systems Industrial IOT Data Analysis Immersive solutions and product configurators



- Solutions for small, medium and large Contact Centers; - Business consultancy; - CRM/ERP integration; - Extension of PBX functionality; - Information and communication services; - Professional design, training, and technical support services; We operate in the telecommunications sector, with value-added voice and multi-channel services. Innovative cloud solutions allow you to improve quality and productivity [...]


Agomir spa

Agomir, founded in 1981 in Lecco, provides ICT solutions to a large range of companies, in order to improve their processes and organization. Founded as a software house in the field of ERP, the company has expanded its areas of expertise over time, dealing with the production of software and the related services, the supply [...]


Factory 41 Srl

FACTORY41 is a company specialized in the implementation of industrial automation solutions: local and distributed fieldbus architectures, process control, supervision and data analysis systems, remote assistance and remote control systems. Thanks to an innovative proprietary technology of rapid software development for PLC, SCADA and DCS, it is able to achieve a drastic reduction of the [...]


K-Rev srl

K-Rev has developed a complete, easy and engaging (mobile + web) platform through which it’s possible to digitize the performance evaluation process present in all medium and large organizations with mostly paper-based methods. The quick and easy way to mark appraisals ensures a uniform evaluation over time, avoiding overload problems in the last part of [...]


Servitly srl

We are a visionary software house, serving the most innovative manufacturing companies. We strongly believe that the real fourth industrial revolution consists in the transformation of the business model of manufacturing companies towards an integrated sale of products and services. Our passion is the development of robust, scalable, modular and configurable software. For us there [...]


Aspotech Srl

ASPOTECH THE FIRST “WEARABLE HOUSE” Aspotech engineers wearable solutions for the analysis of biometric parameters: Thanks to the textile, computer and electronic know-how of Aspotech, we have developed an integrated wearable device system and a technological platform that allows the detection, the monitoring and the interpretation of the biometric parameters and the enabling of value [...]



Webcircles is a software house with well-extablished expertise in web applications development and system integration. Moreover, our web-agency division designs and develops web sites, e-commerce solutions and mobile apps. Our diverse team skills enable us to work both on PHP (especially with Drupal 7 and 8) and Python projects (Django Framework and Django CMS). Since [...]



SurgiQ collects and presents healthflow data in a clear and structured way, supporting people actions and performances through deep learning technology and implementing unique prioritisation criteria. We assist decision makers get the true health intelligence they need to make data-driven decisions: our “real-time surgical pathway” approach always provide users with the most up-to-date information they [...]


NP Solutions S.r.l.

NP Solutions is an important and well-established reality that operates in the Third Sector by providing software solutions, services, strategic and organizational consulting, training. It has developed a particular orientation to the WEB, both as a framework for developing its own applications and as strategic consulting services. We are a three-tiered structure, Databse, Web & [...]

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