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Software production and computer consultancy

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JetLab realizes projects using both the most innovative technologies and consolidated and emerging ones: Google Apps, Google App Engine, PHP, JAVA, WebSphere, MQSeries, Drupal, Primeur Spazio technology.

The deep knowledge of the IBM i/As400 environment allows JetLab to focus on the integration between AS400 “legacy” applications and the above mentioned technologies, removing the difficulties that occur integrating worlds and skills at times very distant and allowing clients to obtain the best from each involved component.

JetLab has developed tools in order to make Google Apps meet the IBM i world, and it has the architects and the engineers with the necessary experience to carry out successful projects.

JetLab, an in-house, Italy-based development team, offers development capability for Google App Engine and integration tools with IBM i applications.

For this reason we are the ideal partner for Google resellers and Google development teams dealing with problems of integrations with IBM i.