We deal with:

IoT; software production and computer consultancy

We turn to:

Electric and electronic equipment; manufacturing; motor vehicles, their parts and trailers; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment

We are a visionary software house, serving the most innovative manufacturing companies.
We strongly believe that the real fourth industrial revolution consists in the transformation of the business model of manufacturing companies towards an integrated sale of products and services.
Our passion is the development of robust, scalable, modular and configurable software. For us there are no custom projects, but only evolutions of our software.
Our mission is to support manufacturing companies in their Servitization journey, by providing them the most complete and ready to use IoT software available on the market.
In fact, Servitly is a cloud-based, comprehensive software for managing connected products, delivering smart services, assisting the delivery of advanced services, monetizing IoT data, generate new revenues and transform products into services (product-as-a-service).