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Electric and electronic equipment; innovative materials; IoT; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; research; software production and computer consultancy; textiles, clothing, technical textiles; wearables

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Aereospace; defence force; electric and electronic equipment; finance and insurance; industria; pharmaceutical industry; public administration; safety; sport; technological, informatic and digital sector; textiles, clothing, technical textiles; tourism, accommodation and catering service; transport, warehousing, shipments

Aspotech engineers wearable solutions for the analysis of biometric parameters: Thanks to the textile, computer and electronic know-how of Aspotech, we have developed an integrated wearable device system and a technological platform that allows the detection, the monitoring and the interpretation of the biometric parameters and the enabling of value services for the health, the productivity and the improvement of people’s UX. The remotization of biometric data is the new frontier of the e-health environment because it allows faster interventions, it reduces management costs and it allows the creation of predictive models based on the gathered data.