Gioel Milano Srl

Gioel Milano is an innovative start-up dedicated to the research and development of innovative processes in the field of metal nanotechnologies – especially noble ones - and for the following design, production and marketing of products destined for the high range market.The company is already licensee of an international patent for the production of kitchen [...]


Almain Srl

Almain Srl provides a surface treatment of metals that uses the "vacuum" PVD sputtering technique. The service offered is revolutionary and versatile because it can be used on various materials and a wide range of colors and decorations can be applied; guarantees excellent performance, provided thin and abrasion resistant coatings. In addition to being more [...]


Diener Eletronic GmbH S.r.l.

Diener Electronic was founded in 1993. We are a young, expanding company and are one of the leading producers of low-pressure plasma systems, plasma HF generators and atmospheric plasma all nationally and internationally. Our plasma systems are exported all over the world. Diener electronic now has about 90 employees. In 2010 approx. 340 plasma systems [...]


STT s.a.s. di Fabrizio Garone & C.

Stt is a company specialised in non-stick, anti-friction and anti-corrosion teflon coatings. All of our surface coatings are based on PTE, FEP and PFA. The superior quality produced by STT's activity manifests itself in numerous aspects:   Ability to define the better solution (most suitable treatment) for every requirement, according to the specific working conditions. [...]

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