K-Rev srl

K-Rev has developed a complete, easy and engaging (mobile + web) platform through which it’s possible to digitize the performance evaluation process present in all medium and large organizations with mostly paper-based methods. The quick and easy way to mark appraisals ensures a uniform evaluation over time, avoiding overload problems in the last part of [...]


38 deg

38 deg is a systems integrator operating basically in the information technology field. The ability of 38 deg is to integrate, in a coherent system, technologies distributed on a very wide technological spectrum and therefore to develop projects with an high demand of multidisciplinarity.


WeAGoo S.r.l.

WeAGoo tourism and technology. It manages the Map2App brand, an innovative platform that allows anyone to easily create an APP for iOS, Android, and HTML5 systems without knowing any computer code. The platform reduces App's production times and costs by more than 70% compared to traditional channels. Strongly focused on the territorial promotion, it allows [...]



Alias Group is born from a solid consulting experience aimed at the innovation of document processes through the provision of digital platforms, which is then realized in the offer of "products", i.e. software solutions in the cloud for companies. A DNA aimed at innovation and process improvement, with a particular focus on the tax document. [...]


Routes Software S.r.l.

Routes Software SRL is dedicated to innovative digital solutions for travel industry. Routes Software was born with the will to bring the best expertise in contemporary technologies to the traveling experience. Innovative travel experiences for tourists and new business opportunities in the travel ecosystem for everyone. We develop web and mobile apps since 2008 for US, [...]


Officine Bianche S.r.l.

Inside Officine Bianche, we design and develop ideas based on one principle: business communication support should not ignore a design base. Based on this principle, we help businesses by following a strategic approach to synergistically utilizing traditional and digital media, producing effective and creative business communications. We provide our customers with a collaborative space in [...]


Ennova ResearchS.r.l.

Ennova Research is an Italian company. Its goal is the development of innovative IT solutions for different customers that come from several areas, such as public administration, private industry… The projects are about: Apps; Embedded Systems and Software and Enterprise Class; Conversational Service, study and development of Apps of Social Networks and Instant Messaging; IoT, [...]


DkR S.r.l.

DkR S.r.l. deals with information technology at 360°. It was founded with the aim of realising specific and technologically advanced IT solutions suited to every business reality and intended to make the business activities of partners and customers easier. The company specialises in the areas of virtual and augmented reality, Metaverse, websites, SEO and web [...]

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