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Viktor Srl

Viktor Srl is engaged in the development of high technology machinery for rehabilitation applications. The company was founded in response to a combination of several factors: one of our founders having had first-hand experience in rehabilitation following a motorcycle accident. This has led him, with the support of one of the top experts in post-traumatic [...]


EbikeMe S.r.l.

EbikeMe is a start-up with goal to rent e-bikes to the companies and its workers, for "bike to work." An idea that changes your way to go to work: respecting the nature and doing something for her; respecting ourselves doing exercise every day; helping your company with a new marketing strategy. Our e-bikes carry with [...]


SenseCatch Srl

SenseCatch offers consulting services to understand the real behaviors, desires and attitudes of people. We apply validated research models to understand objectively the emotional experience of the person during any kind of experience. Adopting an innovative approach that integrates traditional research methods (questionnaires and interviews) with the measurement of neurological, psychophysiological and visual parameters, we [...]


Moi Composites

Moi is a design, engineering and production service for small series or tailor made, high performances objects. Moi uses a property additive manufacturing technology capable to 3D print high performances thermosetting composites parts combining robotics intelligence with digital fabrication.



WEL digitizes the business process with IoT (Internet of Things) and Wearable Technology to manage and solve the complexity of human resources. WEL is a dynamic company composed by a team of engineers and computer scientists with profound know-how and skills in the business process.



SurgiQ collects and presents healthflow data in a clear and structured way, supporting people actions and performances through deep learning technology and implementing unique prioritisation criteria. We assist decision makers get the true health intelligence they need to make data-driven decisions: our “real-time surgical pathway” approach always provide users with the most up-to-date information they [...]


FasTecs Srl

FasTecs is an engineering company, registered in the register of innovative Start-Up, which deals with the research, development and marketing of innovative systems and products for the construction industry, as well as design and consulting in the field of sustainable construction and the energy efficiency of buildings. The company was founded by two young people, [...]


Kheni Srl

We are Kheni. Our habitats are sport and medicine, both denominators of the best quality of life of people. We live and invent to give a strong and enthusiastic help to those who suffer an injury and want to run on the road of motor recovery or those who want to revolutionize their way of [...]


3Bee S.r.l.

3bee Hivetech is an innovative electronic monitoring system designed for beehives, which ensures the analysis of the main parameters of bees’ life (from air quality to sound spectrum), helping researchers and beekeepers to identify the main causes of bee disappearance. This system allows to predict and prevent the bee death due to environmental and biological [...]

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