TRUSTiCERT is an independent company operating internationally as a scientific and regulatory partner; we provide support to companies that must comply with specific regulations regarding the safety of chemicals, cosmetics or food products intended for human use. The direct contact with European, American national authorities, universities and research institutions together with a network of excellent [...]



RED-V company is focused on the development and promotion of complete Digital Signage solutions. It transforms TV screens into personalized TV channels, delivering audiovisual communication as immersive user experiences. It is the final blending of years of experience in multimedia, mobile and web experience, tablet and multimedia server design. RED-V boasts years of success and installations [...]


D-Orbit Srl

D-Orbit is an Italian New Space company providing solutions for satellite design, development, launch, commissioning and decommissioning. Founded in 2011, D-Orbit currently employs approximately 35 people. The firm is based in Milan, Italy with subsidiaries in Washington, DC, and Lisbon, Portugal. Our business model revolves around products and services that are profitable, create value for [...]


Fratello Sole

Fratello Sole is a consortium of non-profit organizations that was created to reduce climate pollution through the efficiency of the buildings that host disadvantaged and seriously marginalized people. In the specific field of the energy sector Fratello Sole wants: invest in the efficiency of the structures working in favor of fragile populations, avoiding that this [...]


38 deg

38 deg is a systems integrator operating basically in the information technology field. The ability of 38 deg is to integrate, in a coherent system, technologies distributed on a very wide technological spectrum and therefore to develop projects with an high demand of multidisciplinarity.



Webcircles is a software house with well-extablished expertise in web applications development and system integration. Moreover, our web-agency division designs and develops web sites, e-commerce solutions and mobile apps. Our diverse team skills enable us to work both on PHP (especially with Drupal 7 and 8) and Python projects (Django Framework and Django CMS). Since [...]


Aries S.r.l.

ARIES is a B2B Distributor (business to business) focused on software and hardware solutions in IT Security and Infrastructure. ARIES is an innovative, dynamic and highly oriented IT Security distribution. ARIES offering i focused on: Perimetric: Connectivity , Firewall , Wifi , Antivirus , Video Surveillance, Vulnerability Management Infrastructure: Networking, Server, Storage, Backup, Power Management, Monitoring & Analisys, [...]


Mc Bio S.r.l.

MC Bio provides design, manufacturing and sale of medical devices specifically for dental and maxillofacial surgery. Thanks to the quality and excellent performance of its bone regeneration device lines, in the last years MC Bio has established itself worldwide, becoming a highly recommended reference for the highest surgeons in the industry. Together with world-renowned specialists, [...]


HUB Parking Technology

HUB Parking Technology is the FAAC Group Business Unit that develops, manufactures, installs and provides after-sales services for Parking Revenue Control Systems branded ZEAG, DATAPARK and FAAC. HUB Parking Technology delivers the flexibility, professional expertise and close personal service of a local company, together with all the capabilities, network and strength of a global player. [...]

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