3Bee S.r.l.

3bee Hivetech is an innovative electronic monitoring system designed for beehives, which ensures the analysis of the main parameters of bees’ life (from air quality to sound spectrum), helping researchers and beekeepers to identify the main causes of bee disappearance. This system allows to predict and prevent the bee death due to environmental and biological [...]



Green2green is responsible for spreading the awareness that energy is not a cost but a key resource to be managed in a conscious way. We propose as a reliable and competent partner in promoting energy efficiency and production of energy from renewable sources. We drive the customer throughout the analysis of his specific needs and [...]


Elmo Italy S.r.l.

Elmo Motion Control designs servo drives, advanced network motion controller & complete motion control solutions for a variety of industrial and harsh environment applications for all motors. With over 25 years of experience and millions of servos at work worldwide, Elmo is committed to provide the best results from automation systems. Elmo complies with severe [...]


STT s.a.s. di Fabrizio Garone & C.

Stt is a company specialised in non-stick, anti-friction and anti-corrosion teflon coatings. All of our surface coatings are based on PTE, FEP and PFA. The superior quality produced by STT's activity manifests itself in numerous aspects:   Ability to define the better solution (most suitable treatment) for every requirement, according to the specific working conditions. [...]


Officine Bianche S.r.l.

Inside Officine Bianche, we design and develop ideas based on one principle: business communication support should not ignore a design base. Based on this principle, we help businesses by following a strategic approach to synergistically utilizing traditional and digital media, producing effective and creative business communications. We provide our customers with a collaborative space in [...]


Nabla Cosmetics S.r.l.

NABLA is an independent cosmetic brand known for creating unique, high quality makeup products with care and passion. By evoking images and reflections, NABLA becomes an inspiration of freedom and style. Through Ethics, Honesty, Humanity and Responsibility, NABLA wants to be care of the product, of the individual and of the message. A team of [...]

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