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Emanuele Gnemmi Consulting

For years we have been accompanying and supporting both emerging and established companies in the field of food&beverage and hospitality management during the many delicate moments on route .Thanks to the determination and the diverse skills of a varied team, we have always offered a 360° consultancy in order to satisfy our customer needs with [...]



Lanp Srl today commercializes an all-in-one and low-complexity IoT device, branded Ulisse, for people counting and tracking within the physical spaces. Specifically designed to collect people flow data from the physical retail store with the use of Depth Computer Vision sensors and Deep Learning Algorithms. The solution works row data into real-time Conversion Metrics, inside [...]


Associazione Startup Turismo

Our task is bring together the best Italian start­ups that offer digital services and products in the tourism and culture sectors. Promote creativity and digital innovation, support the growth of start­ups for the development of the Italian touristic economy. Simplify the meeting and the collaboration among members, creating new opportunities for sharing experiences.  


WeAGoo S.r.l.

WeAGoo tourism and technology. It manages the Map2App brand, an innovative platform that allows anyone to easily create an APP for iOS, Android, and HTML5 systems without knowing any computer code. The platform reduces App's production times and costs by more than 70% compared to traditional channels. Strongly focused on the territorial promotion, it allows [...]

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