38 deg

38 deg is a systems integrator operating basically in the information technology field. The ability of 38 deg is to integrate, in a coherent system, technologies distributed on a very wide technological spectrum and therefore to develop projects with an high demand of multidisciplinarity.


Inventio di Nicolò Bordoli

INVENTIO DI NICOLO’ BORDOLI is an individual company that operates in the field of robotics and domotics, with extremely flexible products and accessible costs, open to the creation of tailor-made solutions for individual needs, makes development platforms its core business. He was born and settled in ComoNext thanks to the 2016 “Incubatore di Impresa” competition [...]


Block S.r.l.

Block srl is a young company of designing and managing multidisciplinary projects. Block srl provides consulting services in industrial, mechanical, electronic and data-processing field. The company focus its business in the use and development of innovative technologies. In the last years Block srl has been dedicated to payment systems solution developing data validation machineries based [...]


AG Project

Mechanical design study that operates in various sectors of production automation, also in compliance with "industry 4.0". Thanks to the experience gained so far, we are able to quickly enter into the technical discussions that are submitted to us and to resolve any problems to be addressed. The strong point in addition to the purely [...]


Focus Analytics S.r.l.

Focus Analytics is founded in 2010 by two commercial technicians with years of experience in Jasco, Agilent Technologies, Metrohm instrumentations. We provide tools and technical / applicative assistance on chromatographic and spectroscopic equipment. Our headquarter is in the Comonext Science Park in Lomazzo (CO) with a branch office in Rome and we operate throughout Italy. Focus [...]

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