SISSPre S.r.l.

SISSPre has the scope of creating technological solutions for Traceability in Agri-Food and for Precision Farming. The first is key in the market of Food, necessary to certify quality and origin of the product. FRaud is widespread and inhibit the consumer from doing an informed choice and damages quality products. The second is a set [...]



ComBeenazioni enhances the innovative link between farmers, beekeepers, consumers and communities: the project deals with bees biomonitoring initiatives dedicated to urban plain areas or included in agro-systems and to mountain areas for the quality of forage and pastures, at the base of the dairy supply chain. It also proposes a biomonitoring action in the context [...]


3Bee S.r.l.

3bee Hivetech is an innovative electronic monitoring system designed for beehives, which ensures the analysis of the main parameters of bees’ life (from air quality to sound spectrum), helping researchers and beekeepers to identify the main causes of bee disappearance. This system allows to predict and prevent the bee death due to environmental and biological [...]

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