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Innovative materials; research; textiles, clothing, technical textiles

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Public health; textiles, clothing, technical textiles


Silk Biomaterials develops implantable medical devices for the regenerative medicine market, thanks to a new technology that contains micro and nano fibrous elements made entirely of silk.
Silk fibroin is one of the oldest materials used in medical applications. It is a fully biocompatible material known for its ability to promote cell adhesion and proliferation and stimulate regeneration in vivo tissues with a unique combination of biological and mechanical properties.
Silk Biomaterials, using a new production process, manufactures devices that can be used as temporary biodegradable prostheses for the regeneration of human tissues. Such devices consist of nanofibrous (a form that maximizes the biological characteristics of the material) electrophiled components and micro fibrous elements (a form that optimizes mechanical properties).
Currently, the startup is directed at the development of an implantable medical device that can be used in repairing and regenerating small-sized blood vessels (coronary, peripheral vessels) and peripheral nerves.
The Silk Biomaterials team consists of Antonio Alessandrino (founder), Gabriele Grecchi, Lorenzo Sala, and Guiliano Freddi.