Di cosa ci occupiamo:

Automatic system production; engineering, design and technical support services

A chi ci rivolgiamo:

A tutti i settori

Elmo Motion Control designs servo drives, advanced network motion controller & complete motion control solutions for a variety of industrial and harsh environment applications for all motors. With over 25 years of experience and millions of servos at work worldwide, Elmo is committed to provide the best results from automation systems. Elmo complies with severe safety, EMC & environmental standards, and provides breakthrough solutions unmatched in performance, intelligence & ease-of-use, offering one-stop motion control solutions that answer the needs of any application.

Elmo – An Engineering Leader
Elmo’s unmatched solutions for demanding motion control applications are implemented in any industry application, be it industrial or harsh environments (semiconductor, medical, electronic production, robotics, laboratories, defense and aerospace, printing, unmanned vehicles, packaging and many others).

For industrial automation applications, Elmo offers a wide range of versatile Gold Line servo drives for motion control solutions. The Gold servo drives incorporate the most advanced control and power conversion technologies, which in conjunction with EAS II (Elmo Application Studio) optimally move any mechanical load scenario up to the limits of the mechanical system.

For harsh environment applications, Elmo’s Gold ExtrIQ series of durable motion control products are standard off-the-shelf, ready for use and tested for complex applications requiring high performance in extreme environments. The high performance field tested solutions endure the most extreme environmental conditions from -40° C to +70° C and mechanical vibrations at 20 Hz to 2,000 Hz, 14.6 grms.

Comprehensive Solutions
Elmo offers one-stop motion control solutions for modern manufacturing systems, design and operation:
• Wide range of intelligent, compact, high power density servo drives using EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards
• Advanced single/multi-axis integrated network motion controllers based on EtherCAT and CANopen networking standards
• State-of-the-art drive setup and performance optimization using Elmo Application Studio (EASII) software tools
• Integrated drive-motor high performance Gold Duet systems
• Matched power supplies for servo applications satisfy the broadest range of requirements for motion applications