We deal with:

IoT; machine to machine; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; prototyping; research; software production and computer consultancy; wearables

We turn to:

Aereospace; agriculture and/or breeding; centri di riabilitazione; chemistry; cliniche; electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency; environment; food and/or beverage; industria; machinery; manufacturing; Oil&Gas; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; ospedali; pharmaceutical industry; process industry; public administration; public health; real estate and construction services; research; società sportive; technological, informatic and digital sector; telecommunications; textiles, clothing, technical textiles; tourism, accommodation and catering service; transport, warehousing, shipments

devAIs designs, implements and manages IoT infrastructures “from Sensors to AI”, or innovates existing ones, with a strong focus on the client’s business model and to operational costs. Resulting components can be transferred (IP and now-how) to the client’s organization or managed by devAIs on a pay-per-use basis.

An Italian SME, devAIs is a nimble organization, born from a team combining long term experiences in massive data processing applications, Hardware and Firmware Design, Connectivity-based architecture design and Advanced Analytics: a young company with deep roots.

Experience and skills of the team  are incorporated in Pynocchio, an end-to-end platform for IoT infrastructures, based on a solid and modular architecture and 100% built with selected OpenSource components.