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App creation; blockchain; data management services; information and communication services; IoT; machine to machine; prototyping; research; robotics; services; software production and computer consultancy; stampa 3D

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Code Architects Group creates innovative enterprise-class software solutions. Code Architects is a software company specialized in the tailor-made production of enterprise-class applications for every type of business and powerful basic technologies able to catalyze its development. It was founded in 2002 by F. Balena and G. Dimauro, former Microsoft Regional Director for Italy. C.A. Sysops is the division specialized in the monitoring of geographically distributed systems, in the creation, migration and management of cloud infrastructures, in business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. It also implements digital collaboration solutions based on Microsoft technologies. C.A. Automation is the division specialized in the field of industrial automation. It designs and implements intelligent automated systems, software and special machines for the industry, optimization algorithms based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.