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Food; machinery

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Food and/or beverage; wholesale and retail

Founded in 18/09/2013, enrolled in the special section of innovative start-up, headquarter in ComoNExT. Rewarded within an incubator announcement “From the idea to the company” promoted by Como Chamber of Commerce with the project: equipment for filling brioches and bakery. patent for industrial invention n.0001405547 with validity till 2031. With this equipment it is possible to fill in brioches at the moment and on customer demand with a lot of vantages for the bars:

  • limited number of empty brioches to be cooked with less stock
  • 8/10 possible different fillings between creams and jams
  • hight quality fillings, of superior weight, also warm and exclusives
  • possibility of requiring double filling or double taste
  • require a brioche with the favorite filling in every time
  • increase of brioches sales

In order to guarantee maximum hygiene and quality of the product, the filling is introduced into the equipment in cartridges of 250/500 gr. The product is maintained at the temperature of +4° thanks to the thermostated cooling circuit and it is injected choise in the brioche at +28° thanks to resistors located in the exit nozzles.
Once entered the cartridge in the equipment, the operator will have the possibility in an automatic way to choose the filling taste and unload the right quantity into the brioche (20 gr.).

45% of italians do breakfast in a cafeteria at least once a week and the 5% every days, 80% ask a brioche. In Italy bars are 163.000 of which 86% offer a brioches assortment.
Are sold between 4 and 6 milion of brioches every day, of these 30% are frozen. in italy 50% of this market is hold by one only big company, the rest is very fractionated.
The referring market for choose is mainly represented in the first phase of bars that offer frozen brioches (1,5 milion of pieces a day), in the second phase also by bars that are supplied by a pastry chef/baker or are producers (around 4 milion of pieces a day).

Business Model
The enterprise idea of choose is based on the development and marketing of:

  • equipment for the filling of brioches and bakery products
  • refil cartridges
  • empty brioches line

Key element is make inseparable the equipment and the brand, so it will be indispensable the development of a stock deposit and protection of the brand already created, always visible on the equipment, on the refil cartridges, and for brioches we will use a production and commercial channel already existing cooperating with a brioches production company today holder of a small market share.
This last will buy equipments by choose that gives to customers probably on loan of use, choose will have a revenue (royalties) also from the sales of refills and empty brioches with their own brand, under the recipes developed for the same.
While equipment and refill cartridges are inseparable for what it concerns brioches we are evaluating to give to the operator the possibility of choose the empty product that want.
With targeted marketing operations we will try to take this market too.

Skills available 

Nicola Ostinelli shareholder at 50% executive chef italy, companies convotherm and desmon of technology products for catering, will take care of the equipment development benefiting of his collaboration with an important company desmon spa (av) for the realization of the prototype and series production. It will follow the design of the machine entrusted to the company exw novo srl of varese (italy) and it will take care of the recipes of fillings and brioches that will be produced and marketed by a company being defined.
Stefano Neri shareholder at 50% since 1993 deals with the commercial aspect of food. Expert of brands and royalties will take care of the commercial component, administrative and product distribution.


The philosophy is the quality and sustainability a product “super premium” unique and recognizable by consumers. The cartridges will be in bioplastic, biodegradable and compostable.
For our empty frozen brioches line we will use: sourdough without hydrogenated fats, no added artificial colors or flavors with aspect of handcraft products using bio products and antique cereal flours.
For some marmelades we will use slow food principals always coming from bio culture as well as for creams.
Most attention will be given to special recipes, for example:

  • dark chocolate with sea salt crystals
  • bitter orange marmalade with organic chocolate chip and ginger
  • pomegranate bio marmelade
  • these fillings are not presents on the market