We deal with:

Engineering, design and technical support services; services

We turn to:

Manufacturing; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; services; textiles, clothing, technical textiles

Challenge Engineering s.r.l was founded in Como in 2011, by the initiative of a group of professionals working for several years in developing complex industrial solutions through integrating different approaches and competencies. The company was founded to provide customers with innovative applications and products, designed to meet specific needs and compete effectively on markets.
Integration is the key factor that distinguishes our work as Challenge Engineering. We acknowledge the necessity of focusing resources on the implementation of innovative, standard, and available component projects, if appropriate with Open Source solutions, but not only. We have expertise in Document Management, Distributed Systems, including specific applications in Automation Industry, Advanced Shipbuilding, and Telemedicine.
In the first year of activity, we have dealt with several projects. Some examples of our projects include: Control and supervision of continuous production systems (textile market) both for the system and hardware components. We have expertise in CAN fieldbus, EtherCAT, C/C++ firmware development, .Net WCF standard, and the new Embedded .Net for microprocessors.
Telemedicine applications for a specific project based on a Distributed Remote Service and Critical Patient Internet, clinical folder management, and integration with Audio Video systems for monitoring from anywhere. The project has been awarded a specific call for funding and has already been completed at 70%. It is now being evaluated by other healthcare facilities for its development in response to the emerging need for home control and therapy.
Development of an object graphic charting system for Security Centers.
Development for Sirti, of a complete system for the management of technical design documents, for the implementation of high-speed microprocessor control boards (technical document repository, BOM, project work flow management).
Challenge Engineering is a young company, but composed of experienced engineers, with an extremely low cost structure that is geared to changing market conditions. We are able to offer, thanks to the diverse skills set, high flexibility which is needed to operate in today’s markets and integrative capacity which guarantees the development of economically viable solutions.