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Wholesale and retail

Arla Foods is an international dairy cooperative since 1881 and it is owned by 12,000 farmers in 7 countries: Denmark, Sweden, UK, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Holland.
With a milk volume of 14 billion of Kg per year, Arla Foods is the fifth dairy company in the world and the first one for organic milk.
Every farmer has agreed on a rigid quality assurance program that covers barns management, milk composition and animal welfare. This program also includes periodic checks on foods safety and environmental considerations done by an external audit.
Because Arla is owned by the same farmers who produce milk, they know everything they need to know – every step of the way. That’s why they can be sure that Arla dairy products are based on cows’ milk of a very high quality.
Arla guarantees the entire production chain, ‘from cow to shelf’.