FasTecs is an engineering company registered in the ‘Innovative Start-up Register’, which deals with research, development and marketing of innovative systems and products for the building industry, as well as design and consulting in the field of sustainable construction and the energy efficiency of buildings.

The company was founded by two young people, Geom. Ettore Amatista and Ing. Ph.D. Francesco Pittauwho, who became acquaintances at the Building, Engineering, and Architecture Faculty of Politecnico di Milano. They share mutual experience and passion for planning, energetic efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation,  and have commenced the business project together.

FasTecs is among the winners of the call “Dall’idea all’impresa” 2015 edition, promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Como, and completed the incubation path at “ComoNExT” Technology Science Park in Lomazzo on February 2017. FasTecs is currently one of the companies settled inside the Park with the Follower Program.

In this way, despite not attending the park on an ongoing basis due to production needs, it maintains a continuity bond with ComoNExT assets and hosted companies and can continue to avail the facility (meeting rooms, mailbox) and services (call analysis, networking with park companies, workshops, call-to-call).

FasTecs has patented and launched its first product, an innovative wood pre-fabricated system for upgrading and new roof construction. The company is currently among the established companies in the Follower Program mode of the Park.

Through this program, although not attending the Park on a continuous basis due to production needs, it maintains continuously active with the activities of ComoNExT and its’ hosted companies and can continue to take advantage of the facility (meeting rooms, mailboxes) and services (call barring, networking with park companies, workshops, call-to-call).

The system consists of a wooden pre-fabricated modular panel, to be used in roofs, particularly in slanted-form roofs, which offer the guarantee of superior execution accuracy and speeding up of implementation on-site and answering to productive and constructive rationalization requirements. Moreover, although it is a prefabricated system, it still guarantees the same visual effect as a traditional wood coverage.

The aim is to launch an innovative product that is able to provide construction industry operators with a practical, effective, as well as a cost-effective, response to the energy upgrading of existing roofing.

FasTecs enjoys the collaboration of a well-established company in the field, with years of experience in the field of wooden roofing, with which it is completing the latest research and testing phases, and with which it produced its first product. FasTecs also collaborates with the research laboratories of the Politecnico di Milano.

The goal of FasTecs is to invest in research in order to enter into the market with new systems and products that can improve the construction of the building and its viability, while respecting the environment.



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