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 Inovation Rampup, how to access to NExT Innovation®

Innovation Rampup is a routemap dedicated to external companies, which helps them to be more confident with the themes of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0.
At now, the participation to the Rampup for companies settled in the province of Como is facilitated by the Voucher of the Chamber of Commerce of Como and the entrepreneurial Associations that adhere to the NExTInnovation® project.
Innovation Rampup develops in three steps:

    The first step consists on a 4 half days journey in ComoNExT, where entrepreneurs and their management (up to 8 people) are guided through innovative business, business games, front lessons, and real cases of digital dynamics which drive innovation in companies. It is a training course.
    The second step lasts about 6 half days; ComoNExT’s consulting team visits the company who participated to the first step  to collect information on all business departments (i.e. design, procurement, production, sales, logistics, aftersales) to analyse products, processes, and methods adopted by the company. At the end of the path ComoNExT presents a Macro Assessment report to highlight the company’s strengths and weaknesses related to Digital and 4.0 Business Aptitude.  Moreover, it suggests which actions could be taken to foster innovation, to comply with Industry 4.0 and to be more competitive. It is a consulting path.
    According to the Macro Assessment report  produced at the end of step 2, the company may decide to follow one or more suggestions, even using skills available at ComoNExT.

The Chamber of Commerce of Como and the Associations of the category (Unindustria Como, Confartigianato Como, CNA Lario-Brianza), make available to the associated companies a voucher in cash which covers up to 50% of the costs necessary to access the Digital / Industry transformation path 4.0 for the first two steps.  Contact us for more information.

 Innovation Trekking

An innovation path

Innovation Trekking is a one-day tour guided side by side by ComoNExT within some of the leading companies of innovative excellence at the Hub.
Companies and innovative startups open their doors to visitors, show the object of their innovations and tell about their commitment and their creativity to support the constant tension in innovating products, processes and services.
More than 125 innovative companies are present at ComoNExT and this makes every Trekking customizable.
Participants will be divided into groups of about 15 people.
Each stage of the Innovation Trekking lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Examples of Innovation Trekking

The Grafene and its Factory
Discovering the most innovative material of the moment, a visit to Directa Plus and the largest graphene factory in Europe.

In space with microsatellites
Leafspace: they design and build microantances able to optimize the reception of the signals coming from the new generation microsatellites.

Predictive maintenance
WebRatio and the world of Connected, Smart and 4.0. How machines can communicate with each other, collect data, learn and predict the time of their maintenance.

The sky in a room
Coelux: physics that replicate sunlight in enclosed spaces. Quality of life in the home, work, public and healthcare environments.

6-axis 3D printing
Caracol additive printing with anthropomorphic robots. Print with resins, clay, and other materials, without problems of size and shape.

Biorepair silk
Silk Biomaterials microfilms the noble silk protein, treats and weaves it into an organic substrate for cell proliferation and the regeneration of vessels and tissues.

Talk with a robot software
Ennova Research, new frontiers of digital marketing and Engagement: Chatbot and NLP (Natural Language Processing). Sophisticated learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence with which software systems learn to interact with humans and communicate through Instant Messaging or Social Network.

Big Data Analisys
Fluxedo and the analysis of Big Data. Instant analysis of millions of online posts as a tool for market analysis.

 Industry Call

Industry Call is a tool for soliciting, scouting, selecting and adopting technological innovation dedicated to SMEs, developed by ComoNExT – Innovation Hub considering the experience gained over more than ten editions of Calls for scouting of innovative ideas managed since 2010.

This tool is particularly effective because it allows the promoting company absolute personalization in compliance with the rigorous selection model set by ComoNExT.

The dissemination phase of the notice edited by the ComoNExT communication team in line with that of the Company enhances the image of the company itself, adding to the communication tools already in use and allowing access to channels dedicated in particular to technological innovation, to startups, to contests at least at the national level.

The Industry Call is therefore configured both as a marketing tool and as a tool to encourage innovation in the Company.

ComoNExT in accordance with the PMI drafts, divulges and manages the Call in the agreed times and ways, taking charge of the timely administration of the assessment phases, the structuring of a document archive, the drafting and proposition to the client of confidentiality agreements where requested by the candidates.

Through the Industry Call, one or more of the submitted applications will be selected, which will benefit from the support of both the SME and ComoNExT for the development of innovation in line with the needs of the SME itself.

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