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Studio Volpi srl

Founded in 1994, Studio Volpi is a global point of reference as a leading partner for companies seeking to implement a winning strategy through every stage of the industrial process. Our approach consists in integrating competences and disciplines simultaneously: engineering, marketing, communication and digital technologies work together to design and develop products, solutions and future [...]



Genesimm Group is a business reality that offers professional integrated services, with the following brands. Moon Utilities area dedicated to utilities and the analysis of electricity and gas bills, supportid throught specialized consultans. Mayo Communication and Miapplica Software area dedicated to 360° communication: marketing, creative design, software and website development, our professionals accompany companies in [...]


Ovosodo Srl

Established in 2003, we become a Zucchetti Group company in 2019 thanks to our transversal skills in the digital field. We are proud to say that we deal with "digital experiences", whether in the form of websites, apps or kiosks.


Mazzmedia srl

Our offer includes digital strategy, design, development and digital marketing. The ability to integrate different cultures and skills is the key element of our organization. Small and medium-sized enterprises, but also global corporations, find in the services offered by MazzMedia valuable support to the development of their online business activities, through a set of activities [...]


Agomir spa

Agomir, founded in 1981 in Lecco, provides ICT solutions to a large range of companies, in order to improve their processes and organization. Founded as a software house in the field of ERP, the company has expanded its areas of expertise over time, dealing with the production of software and the related services, the supply [...]


38 deg

38 deg is a systems integrator operating basically in the information technology field. The ability of 38 deg is to integrate, in a coherent system, technologies distributed on a very wide technological spectrum and therefore to develop projects with an high demand of multidisciplinarity.



Webcircles is a software house with well-extablished expertise in web applications development and system integration. Moreover, our web-agency division designs and develops web sites, e-commerce solutions and mobile apps. Our diverse team skills enable us to work both on PHP (especially with Drupal 7 and 8) and Python projects (Django Framework and Django CMS). Since [...]


NP Solutions S.r.l.

NP Solutions is an important and well-established reality that operates in the Third Sector by providing software solutions, services, strategic and organizational consulting, training. It has developed a particular orientation to the WEB, both as a framework for developing its own applications and as strategic consulting services. We are a three-tiered structure, Databse, Web & [...]


Oplà S.r.l.

Oplà s.r.l. works in the design, implementation and management of innovative communication products: we offer turnkey communication projects including journalistic and photographic content, graphic development, print service and software production for the integration of computer applications. Created by the idea of a group of professionals including journalists, graphic designers and IT specialists, it’s on the [...]


Creative Group S.r.l.

Creative Group is a company offering products, services, timely support, and practical assistance to companies operating in the graphic, production, and publishing industries, as well as in the general IT and digital technology sector.

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