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Automatic system production; data management services; electric and electronic equipment; engineering, design and technical support services; information and communication services; machine to machine; machinery; manufacturing; professional, scientific and technical activities; research; safety; services; software production and computer consultancy; telecommunications

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NExT4Things is a Business Network born in April 2016 within ComoNExT.
In this dynamic and innovative context, 11 companies in the TLC & ICT sector have aggregated into the enterprise business network, with the objective of stimulating, accompanying and realizing the digital transformation of products and processes, by using the Internet of Things as an enabler.
The  network is, in itself, an innovative form of aggregation: it is equipped with VAT and maintains the speed of an inclusive, horizontal, liquid, and parity structure.
In the N4T network there are small and multinational companies, Innovative StartUp and Companies with more than 10 years of history. That’s why we like to call us a 90-year StartUp.