MediaClinics S.r.l. is an innovative, highly technological start-up funded in 2015, whose focus is the design and development of hardware and software solutions for health & wellbeing, using cutting edge technologies such as wearable sensors, IoT, cloud computing, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, sensors fusion, privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) and cryptography.

Starting from the development of proprietary sensors (a wearable cardio monitor, a smart vest and a wristband) and a platform called MHP (MediaClinics Health Platform), the company is designing and developing an original set of services in the medical field, such as:

· Remote monitoring for patients with chronic heart disease;
· e-Health and Telemedicine application for home care assistance;
· Stress and sleep monitoring;
· Protocols supporting adults and elders with type II diabetes;
· Self-management applications for children affected by type I diabetes;
· Integrated solutions for psychological disorders such as: anxiety, depression, sleep disorders.

MediaClinics has a specific knowledge in usability and development of cross-platform web and mobile app (smartphone, tablet, pc, smartwatch). Finally MediaClinics is specialized in data security management: from data gathering via biometrical sensors to their transmission through certified security protocols and to the data storage, with a special consideration for patients’ privacy.