We deal with:

Furnishing and design

We turn to:

Chemistry; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment; pharmaceutical industry; public health; research

The Labosystem brand is recognised as an established manufacturer of modular systems for laboratories: satellite systems, fume hoods, microscope benches, work stations and work surfaces, multifunction beams and shelving, cabinets, storage units, stools and many other items. Thanks to the use of advanced technology and our highly specialised team of professionals, Labosystem is able to interpret the diverse requirements of the modern laboratory right down to the last detail. Starting from a careful analysis of the available space, we can create a complete project offering the optimal working environment for researchers, doctors, chemists, biologists and analysts. We follow the entire planning and project management process, right up to the close out and asset management stages following installation.

A streamlined structure combined with an extensive sales and service network and consolidated experience enables Labosystem to offer the client a tailor-made service, with customized products to suit diverse needs. From teaching laboratories for large Universities to the specific requirements of a laboratory for the toxicological analysis of food matrices, Labosystem is able offer personalised solutions, products, materials, colours and design features, plus continuous assistance throughout all pre-sale and after-sales stages.

Labosystem’s commitment translates into a continuous search for production excellence through the study of innovative materials combined with a policy of absolute respect for the environment, which involves all production stages, from the use of fully-recyclable environmentally friendly materials to the application LED technology.
Labosystem’s involvement with education is not just limited to the equipping of university laboratories; the company also organizes and promotes professional training courses on the use of fume hoods in the laboratory and chemical and biological risk factors. 
In addition to our complete range of laboratory equipment solutions, Labosystem has developed a in-house service structure that accompanies and assists the client throughout the entire lifetime of the laboratory.