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Engineering, design and technical support services; innovative materials; research; wholesale and retail

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Real estate and construction services

FasTecs is an engineering company, registered in the register of innovative Start-Up, which deals with the research, development and marketing of innovative systems and products for the construction industry, as well as design and consulting in the field of sustainable construction and the energy efficiency of buildings.
The company was founded by two young people, known to the Faculty of Building Engineering – Architecture of the Milan Polytechnic, the Geom. Ettore Amatista and Eng. Ph.D Francesco Pittau who, sharing the experience and passion in design and in topics such as energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and innovation, have kicked off the entrepreneurial project.

FasTecs is one of the winners of the 2015 “Dall’idea all’presa” competition promoted by the Como Chamber of Commerce, it completed the incubation path in February 2017 at ComoNExT – Innovation Hub in Lomazzo and is currently among the companies established in the Park in Follower program mode.
In this way, even if it does not frequent the Park continuously due to production needs, it maintains a link of continuity with the activities of ComoNExT and the companies hosted therein and can continue to use the structure (meeting rooms, mail box) and services (bid analysis, networking with park companies, workshops, call invitations).

During the incubation period it patented and launched on the market the first product: an innovative prefabricated system for the redevelopment and the new construction of wooden roofing.
The system consists of a prefabricated modular panel, in wood, to be used in roofing, in particular inclined roofs, which offers the guarantee of superior execution accuracy and a reduction in construction time, meeting the production and construction rationalization requirements. . Moreover, despite being a prefabricated system, it guarantees a visual effect equal to that of a traditional wooden roof.
The goal is to launch an innovative product on the market that is able to provide building operators with a practical and effective, as well as economically advantageous, solution for the energy redevelopment of existing roofs.

FasTecs enjoys the collaboration of an established company in the sector, with years of experience in the construction of wooden roofing, with which it is completing the last phases of research and testing, and with which it is making the first products. He also collaborates with the research laboratories of the Milan Polytechnic.
The objective of FasTecs is to invest in research in the construction field in order to introduce new systems and products into the market that can improve the environment of the built and its liveability, respecting the environment.