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Data Strategies International Europe is a leading provider of large-scale data migration and conversion services to Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies that need to upgrade from legacy technologies to new ones. In the last 20 years of experience with media conversion and data migration services, along with its parent company Data Strategies International Inc., it has developed highly efficient processes and tools to perform the migration of documents archived by most systems to newer document archive systems. We are vendor neutral and market our services, directly, through software vendors, hardware vendors, and system integrators.

The company’s off-line migration services are unique in that they use technologies and processes that do not impact the client’s day-to-day operation. Our off-line approach allows us to perform large-scale data migrations in the shortest time and the most cost effective way. The company’s migration tools support most popular archiving products. We always provide our customers with comprehensive audit reports of the migration process. Moreover, we protect the data we process by adhering to strict security procedures, including chain-of-custody and, when needed, data encryption.

For Document Archive migration, we can process terabytes of data stored on optical platters, magnetic tapes or other storage media by most legacy archive systems and convert it to a format ready to be imported into the target archive. The conversion process could involve the extraction of millions of documents (Line-data, AFP, PCL, Metacode, TIFF Images, PDF, etc.) and associated metadata; the needed format conversion (e.g. Line-data or TIFF to PDF); and the re-indexing of the contents.

Data Strategies is also a leading provider of Check Image Archive migration services, involving the migration of billions of check items from legacy archives to new check image archives, covering all major vendors.

Data Strategies continuously expands its data migration capabilities by adding new products/formats to the list of document archives supported by the company’s migration tools.

Data Strategies also provides a broad spectrum of off-line Backup Data migration services based on the same “non-invasive” technology and unique processes that characterize all our offerings. These services include: production of backup data catalogues from media created by legacy applications; restoring data from vintage backup tapes whose format or media type are no longer supported by customer’s infrastructure; backup data consolidation using higher capacity media; data migration from a legacy backup format (product) to a new backup format (product).

Additional services and products recently introduced include data migration for Mainframe Modernization aimed at moving tape-based data to an open system deep archive or the cloud.

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