We deal with:

Agriculture and/or breeding; data management services; environment; food; information and communication services; research

We turn to:

Agriculture and/or breeding; environment; public administration; research; services; tourism, accommodation and catering service

ComBeenazioni enhances the innovative link between farmers, beekeepers, consumers and communities: the project deals with bees biomonitoring initiatives dedicated to urban plain areas or included in agro-systems and to mountain areas for the quality of forage and pastures, at the base of the dairy supply chain.

It also proposes a biomonitoring action in the context of natural parks, as well as the validation and certification of the environmental quality of touristic and spa areas. The set of data collected will make it possible to produce territorial models of environmental impact, useful for territorial governance; this will actively contribute to building the cities resilience, with a view to sustainable urbanization and the development of local green economies. Finally, ComBeenazioni is an integrated tool for assessing the ecological footprint of production processes (REG 178 of 2002, an integrated supply chain approach), aimed at promoting ecosystem services.