We deal with:

Chemistry; innovative materials

We turn to:

Real estate and construction services

The business Project at the basis of our Start up comes from the idea of realizing innovative chemical products for the construction field, starting from their formulation.
We plan to become a manufacturing Company  that,  in the present mature market situation which is still living a long-lasting crisis, could offer innovative solutions aiming at achieving above all better performances, for example in the waterproofing field.
The over-ten-years experience acquired in R&D formulating different chemical substances, even for the construction field, enables us to select specific materials for formulating products having superior characteristics and performances  if compared to the available  ones.
The Project was born amongst a group of experienced technicians in the construction field, showing a deep knowledge of the market requirements, customers needs and able to identify still unexplored but interesting market niches.
Products having the designed characteristics should be highly appreciated both in the domestic market and abroad. They could be marketed in those Countries where the local situation, because of particular climate conditions, asks for particularly advanced technical solutions, especially as far as waterproofing is concerned.