We deal with:

3D printing; manufacturing; prototyping; research; robotics; stampa 3D

We turn to:

Aereospace; defence force; electric and electronic equipment; industria; manufacturing; motor vehicles, their parts and trailers; nautical sector; Oil&Gas; optical, electromedical, biomedical and chemical measuring equipment

Caracol Design Studio is an Additive Manufacturing 4.0 Pole : a reality that explores new productive possibilities resulting from full access to the most sophisticated 3D printing technologies and digital manufacturing.

We consider these new technologies as an innovative and sustainable tool to enhance existing design possibilities by defining a new “post-industrial” way of making design.

Our activities are divided into:


We design and make Made in Italy products with the most advanced 3D printing techniques, working with different materials and creating a revolutionary and exclusive dialectics to the limits of formal, qualitative and performance possibilities.

We partner with these productions as a custom design consulting and development service, optimized in terms of aesthetic quality, mechanical performance, functionality and convenience, in close contact with the customer from the early stages of the concept to the production phase.


Our lab hosts the first 3D print-based manufacturing pole applied to robotic anthropomorphic systems.

We develop applications in the manufacturing field, working with a wide range of materials, making customized furnishings, equipment for installations and structures characterized by an exclusive and aesthetic-functional code identifier.

We also use robots as a performance tool: we develop artistic and scenographic installations for exhibitions, fairs, exhibitions and the world of entertainment.


We do not only offer a design and prototyping development service based on 3D printing, but a real production service unconventional in Italy.

This innovative manufacturing method guarantees many benefits, including:

The elimination of molds as a production barrier.
The ability to conduct an on demand production flow.
The infinite possibility of personalizing the products.
The generation of complex geometries that results in improvements in mechanical performance.
These features allow you to drastically cut the costs of medium / small serial productions, offering unprecedented service for businesses and individuals, in line with the most sophisticated production techniques present today.



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