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Agriculture and/or breeding; blockchain; environment; food

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Agriculture and/or breeding

The company produces innovative sustainable edible insect foods – using crickets of Acheta domesticus species – 100% made in Italy, to contribute to the consumer and planet health. The Farm is located in Blu Martesana Agri Food Park, in Truccazzano, Milan. Vertical farming is powered by solar energy and is equipped with advanced sensors, enabled by IoT technologies and aimed to define Product Environment Footprint. Continuous research will allow, over time, to define the best cricket feed, so that it will be produced in the fields adjacent to the farm. The cricket powder obtained with Industry 4.0 machinery has high nutritional, chemical-physical and organoleptic properties. The short supply chain and traceability will allow for a premium product positioning, initially intended only for non-EU countries, pending authorization for marketing in the EU pursuant to Reg Novel Food EU 2015/2283.