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After thirty years experience spent in the resistance welding sector and in the industrial automation field, mainly with one Italian leading manufacturer internationally known in the horizontal and fencing grating market, Cattaneo’s Engineering company takes its first steps. The extremely skilled team of engineers who formed once the internal division there, in spite to the fact the grating company core business was the finished product, always supported its growth developing and manufacturing all the production lines for the internal use and the export.
Approximately three year ago, as a result of the grating company strategic plan, this engineering division has been stopped and the machine internal production and international sales definitively shut down. The opportunity to continue independently the production plants activity, was too intriguing for this highly motivated and skilled restricted team and they have taken it out, in order to offer assistance to both the existing customers by updating their machines and upgrading the old manufacturing lines and the new ones, tailoring, promoting and selling extremely versatile new systems, integrated with the most advanced technologies.
Cattaneo’s Engineering company is now based in COMO NEXT, the new Technologic Scientific Park located in Lomazzo, only few kilometres far from MILANO, where the designing, developing and research activity is carried out for the welding production plants and any other type of process automation. The staff is powered with seven CAD workstations having the most updated Auto-cad, Solid-Works, Solid-Edge applications. The production site located near the office can constantly follow up the development and construction of the machinery. In fact the service start from the engineering process analysis to pass to the systems design, to the mechanical, electric and electronic assembly, to the first testing in the local facility to finalize it with the start up in any customer location worldwide. The synergic technical collaboration brought in the last few years give us lot of successful and satisfactory results. The prompt reaction to the customer needs, either for a simple assistance or for a machine small upgrading, given when possible even by phone as a free tip, allows the technicians to be “close” to the production plants and to the end users. The believe is that the customers increasingly grown in their number during the last few years, because they highly appreciated this working approach.