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Innovative materials; metal treatment

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Real estate and construction services

Stt is a company specialised in non-stick, anti-friction and anti-corrosion teflon coatings.
All of our surface coatings are based on PTE, FEP and PFA.

The superior quality produced by STT’s activity manifests itself in numerous aspects:


  • Ability to define the better solution (most suitable treatment) for every requirement, according to the specific working conditions.
  • Quality obtained through to the extreme care for the details, careful and precise execution of every single step of the production process;
  • automation processes that make use of an innovative line of 6-axle robots for painting that ensure great precision, reduced delivery times and reduced costs.


Here is a short list of good reasons why it is worth choosing STT surface coating products:


> they prevent sticking

> they increase slide-ability

> they reduce the friction coefficient

> they increase productivity

> they lessen production waste

> they reduce the use of lubricants (oils, greases, etc.)

> they lessen wearing of the material

> they prevent corrosion

> they improve the performance of the equipment

> they optimise processing times of raw materials

> they improve the quality of the finished product

> they lower operating costs

> they aid cleaning


Our professionalism and expertise make our company the ideal partner for any kind of request, even personalized!