We deal with:

Furnishing and design; lighting

We turn to:

Private individuals; wholesale and retail

The Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto creates interactive design objects linked to the paradigm of the Internet of Things,reconsidering craftmanship and integrating it with alternative modes of interaction and technological functionalities.

The lab offers support to individuals and companies in the realization of interactive installations and objects, and at the same time works on the design and development of its own projects. Concentrating its experiences on the recovery of materials and their reuse, it has its strengths in the fields of ready-ade and lo-fi .

The Laboratorio Creativo Geppetto aims at being an innovative studio in the italian territory, and at giving life to all those artistic initiatives that need an interactive component and / or focused on multimedia. It relies on the high expertise and skills of its components, ranging from product to graphic design, from computer to electronics engineering.