We deal with:

Electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency

We turn to:

Electric and electronic equipment; energy and energy efficiency; motor vehicles, their parts and trailers

Established in 2016, eMoticom develops and manufactures electronics for use in the automotive field and for the conversion and storage of energy.

Despite being a young company, eMoticom’s founders and engineers have decades of experience and know-how in endothermic engine controls, specializing in products for motorbikes (both for competitions and for OEM) for several world renowned motorcycle companies.

eMoticom does not only provide electronic products but also offers the customers research and development services so as to define and create ad-hoc products most suited to their requirements with special attention to the integration of innovative solutions.

eMoticom’s engineers also boast of an in-depth knowledge of energy conversion systems for power supply inverters as well as electric traction and energy storage systems for electrical vehicles which, in combination with the know-how of classic traction vehicles, completes their knowledge and gives them the ability to develop hybrid products.

For the development and manufacture of its products, eMoticom avails itself of a network of engineers with a vast experience in both electronical and mechanical fields which allows the company to create technologically innovative products with particular attention to quality whilst maintaining competitive prices and optimal time to market.